old email

My thoughts on Bombay have changed. It maybe a good city to visit, not to stay. I have issues with large cities. Even in Australia, Sydney nauseated me. Brisbane seems to have it just right. Bombay has horrible weather, is bursting at the seams holding 12 million people with infrastructure for less than half that number. It is impersonal, it’ll chew you and spit you out. Over three quarters of people live in slums. All the lovesongs and self indulgent books written about Bombay romanticise it. The pleasures of Bombay are only for sale to the highest bidder. Its vanity is valorised by a small section of the bourgeois society. The problems are too many to deal with here. Also, it depresses me, so fuck that.


7 thoughts on “old email

  1. They say that contradicting oneself often indicates personal growth, reminds me of your previous changed opinion on Ayn Rand after you convinced that it was the best literary work!
    But regarding the case at hand, why just Bombay, isn’t Delhi the same, any cosmo for that matter!?

    • I still believe Ayn Rand should be read. She presents a strong literary case for a certain kind of neoliberal politics. I think the beauty is when you realise the faults in her arguments. When you arrive at the silliness of her view on your own, thus taking pleasure in being able to contradict such a powerful writer.

      I do have problems with all big cities, I say so. But Delhi is better than Bombay. It has more open spaces, certainly more accessible history. The transport system is more humane. The weather follows the seasons. Variety is easier to attain, if you seek it.

  2. Even though the comparison to Delhi in the comments sections irks me without sufficient reason to justify the feeling – I think I agree with the ideas presented in the old email.

    May Bombay magically grow some land to accommodate in infrastructure as it does in its culture.

    • Well Hestia, just as AD said that variety is easier to attain as long as we seek it, aren’t similarities just the same?! Isn’t anything as similar as different if we see it? Wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Ravitejai – variety, similarity and other perceptive ideas are all easy to attain, if we seek them. However, sometimes we seek different kinds of varieties or similarities and we cannot make solace with the current range in a frame. It is difficult then to understand perception as such a simplistic comparison.
    So no, I wouldn’t agree.

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