new object of desire


Increasingly, buying a Kindle seems to make more and more sense. Every time I get a link from someone about an interesting read (and I get a lot of those), I save it as a PDF to read later. The ‘later’ rarely, if ever, happens. Pages stored for offline reading have now exceeded 50 in number.

While I still prefer reading physical books, the case with articles and long essays is different. Taking a printout seems wasteful. Besides, I often put off reading because I’m too lazy to go get things printed. The Kindle is selling for Rs.7000 in India. I figured if I read over 15,000 pages on the thing, I would save money by not printing (back-of-envelope calculation, I know).

I guess this should be present to self for finishing 10 things on the 2013 to-do list. Good incentive to get cracking.


2 thoughts on “new object of desire

  1. Oh yeah, I broke even after 3-4 months with the same Kindle model (80/20 – fiction/non-fiction split).
    Note: the Kindle sucks at RIL purposes for web articles. (I tried for 7 months)
    Get a non-shitty 7-inch tablet like the Nexus 7 for that part of your information consumption. (The ‘Pocket’ app +/ pinboard bookmarks is what I use for everything)

    • Got one as a gift last month. I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I didn’t want a tablet because the screen is bright and I know I’ll OD on games and shitty time-sucking apps. The Kindle, as you say in your frugality post, does the bare minimum job without compromising on quality. The lack of distractions is the best thing about it. I’ve been using it to read out of copyright classic texts, mostly non-fiction. I read a collection of Raymond Carver’s stories on it, didn’t cut it for me. I’ll stick to paperback for fiction.

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