manta ray

I don’t read graphic novels. Or comics. My childhood had very little Tinkle Digest, some Chacha Chaudhary, Nagraj and Parmanu comics. I have never seriously explored comics for adults.

But if you are into comics, not for kids, but for adults, then check out Manta Ray Comics’ Mixtape 1. ‘Manta Ray aims to produce comics & graphic novels for young adults, which may sometimes be dark, sometimes paranormal, sometimes romantic, but never predictable’ says their twitter page.

The Mixtape project – a digital anthology experiment – is aimed at getting together artists, old and new, established and emerging to one periodical. It will feature original, unpublished work, available for a price less than that of a cup of coffee, that too DRM-free!

So, if you like original art work, or if you are looking for a way to make art a viable livelihood option, click here.

On a very tangential note, here’s an interesting read, thanks in part to Navayana: Can the Subaltern Draw?: Reframing Caste in Indian Graphic Novels


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