the best operating system

I think I’ve found it: I run Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Linux Mint’s Cinnamon desktop environment, and Synapse (a launcher app). And that is how I get the most beautiful, fast and intuitive OS/GUI ever. Together, this combination beats Mac OS (Unix based) and Windows Whatever by a mile.

The LTS stands for Long Term Stable release which will receive update support and security fixes till 2017. That’s the reason I’m not upgrading to the newer Ubuntu 12.10 release. Cinnamon (1.6.4) runs in place of Unity (Ubuntu’s default environment) and is better designed than any other I’ve ever seen or used. It runs better on Ubuntu than it runs on Mint!

But it’s Synapse, that nifty little bugger, that makes the whole experience come together. I’ve stopped using the trackpad or the Menu to launch programs or find files. I can find files, folders, programs, people – anything that’s on my laptop faster than Google Desktop takes to launch.

To everyone who is using a non-Linux OS (even though you don’t really need proprietary software): You’re missing out.


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