read 3 books a month

It’s a sorry complaint I hear way too often: “I don’t read as much as I should” or worse, “I don’t read as much as I would like to.” Secretly, in my weak moments of crumbling self-worth, I too may have expressed similar sentiments to patronising, empathetic ears.

Then on the other side of the globe, there are the likes of this woman who is reading her way around the world – a book each from all 196 countries within a year! The rate at which she finds, reads, processes and writes about these books makes my brain hurt. She’s recently decided to sample some work from disputed territories too.

Drawing from her remarkable feat, I have decided to do a modest experiment of my own: Read a book every 10 days, three every month, for the year starting (retrospectively) 15th October, 2012. This of course, apart from my MA course work. That means I’m due to finish one today. I’ll write a note about each book, not a detailed review, within a week of finishing it. UPDATE (Dec 7): I’m on target, but the writing about each one is getting a bit much.

So here goes…


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