One thing I want people to take away from my story is…

Don’t just “learn to be happy with what you have”. In my opinion, the “body acceptance” movement is poison. When I was overweight, I had these conflicting fantasies: 1) Get a ridiculously ripped, superhero-like body, and 2) Learn to be happy with what I have.

I started by trying the latter, but I just wasn’t happy. I wanted to look and feel better! Being satisfied with “normal” in a country where “kinda fat” is “normal” just felt like a cop-out, like I wasn’t addressing the root cause of my feeling. Pure “body acceptance” would be intellectual dishonesty. At the same time, however, it would be dishonest of me to suggest I could look like Brad Pitt in Troy, even if I worked my tail off. The only reasonable thing was to make every possible effort toward “getting ripped” and discover my potential. ONLY THEN, maybe, should I “accept” what I could do within my limits. But that was a long time ago, and I have a lot of experience under my belt now. And you know what? Fuck limits.

via Fitocracy Blog – Member Spotlight.

I agree.

Fitocracy is an online fitness community and social network, and I’ve been on it since June this year. The idea of another social network can put you off. I haven’t been on facebook for about two years now. But this is specific to fitness, no crap in the middle. It makes fitness into a game. It has made tracking workouts easy, even fun. I went nuts the first few weeks after joining. Almost everything you can do in your fitness routine – running, weight lifting, ultimate Frisbee, Zumba dancing or taking the stairs instead of the elevator – you can track on Fitocracy.

I know this sounds like an advertorial. But the change that the website has brought about is real. I’ve rediscovered my love for swimming, weights and long long walks (>10km). Of course, there is a lot of education about fitness that I gained through the site. About nutrition, training, rest and injury recovery. The community is super supportive and offers genuinely constructive feedback. So if you have been putting off your fitness plans and need a push, join the site. You’ll love it. You can look for me by searching ‘Pontify’ (Decided I like the anonymity) Hope to see you there!


6 thoughts on “fitocracy

  1. Agree and thanks. Their climbing related routines need work but the site is great for most workouts and triathlon training.

  2. Oh yes, the site is far from perfect. There are flaws in the points system, but at the end of the day it’s about the exercise, not the game elements.

  3. Still warming up to the site. Feels good looking at the work outs from the previous day. shreyas_88. If you see a skinny guy in a red jersey in the profile pic, that’s me.

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