We’re congratulating ourselves too much when we manage to obtain peace outside the grips of the digital world. We’re getting smug about it. Elitist.

Or something like that.

Fuck that.

We should damn well fetishize it, because it’s increasingly rare. It’s something that’s nearly impossible to achieve, or rather, it’s easy to achieve if you don’t care about others’ perceptions of you. If you’re fine with the fact that some (arguably shallow) girls will think you’re a loser. If some (arguably fair weather) friends abandon you because you don’t update your Facebook. If you don’t respond to email, you somehow cease to exist (to arguably impatient people). But we’re programmed to please. We want to be liked. And the guilt. Oh, the guilt in disconnecting. It’s awful.

And it’s not just the lone reporter affected – someone whose job forces them to spend entirely too much time engaged with the pulsating beast of the web. It’s everyone. Everyone who wakes up and grabs their phone before wiping sleep from their eyes. Checks email from the toilet. Tweets drunk. Swerves out of their lane to text. Can’t maintain eye contact. Takes pictures, pictures, pictures and videos of everything. Feels naked, alone and desperately bored when device-less.

– Sarah Perez on TechCrunch

Also, stop phubbing.


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