45 self-portraits in 45 days on 45 drugs

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Bryan Lewis Saunders started making self-portraits on 30 March, 1995. One a day. He now has over 8,700. Everyday, his frame of mind, emotions, perspective and health find expression in his portrayal of self on that day.

For hundreds of years, artists have been putting themselves into representations of the world around them. I am doing the exact opposite. I put the world around me into representations of myself as I find this more true to my Central Nervous System.

In 2000, after a paraplegic showed him an encyclopedia of pills, he came up with the idea of trying a new drug each day and drawing himself under its influence. The initial experiment lasted a month and a half and resulted in mild brain damage. The project still continues, but sporadically and using various media.

The full gallery of 45 drug induced paintings is here.

Among his recent projects is the Third Ear Experiment. In his words:

From October 25th to November 21st 2011 (28 days), I blocked up my external ears and attached a copper funnel to my mouth and set out to see and hear what would happen. The experiment was both extremely torturous and meditative.

Reminds me of her.


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