nawazuddin siddiqui

His experience at film auditions forms interesting material for a satire. “A common scene was like this. Do you want to be an actor? I would say yes and the next comment would be but you don’t look like one. I used to request them to give me a chance to show them something and like a courtesan, I was asked to perform at their drinking binges in the evening and was given a peg at the end. No food. Drunk, I would come back and hide my face in the pillow. Slowly, I started getting one scene roles in film. In Sarfarosh I did a 30-second scene. In Munnabhai MBBS I played the guy who picks the pocket of Sunil Dutt. Soon I got typecast as one scene actor.”
It was at this time that he met Anurag Kashyap who promised him a big role if he survived in the industry. “He gave me three scenes in Black Friday and they were noticed.”
Amidst all the din of success, Nawaz points out that what we are seeing is an end product. We don’t realise what an actor goes through at a personal level to retain his enthusiasm for the art. “My family had almost given up on me. My home was in a bad shape. Every time I would go home I would find one more crack in the roof. So the first thing that I did after achieving some standing in the industry was to get my home renovated. This is the biggest satisfaction of my life.”

After graduating in science from a local college, he worked as a chemist in a petrochemical company for a short while. But boredom set in soon, and he moved to Delhi, where in the next one and a half year period he started watching plays, while working as a watchman at an office.

via & Wikipedia (picture from the Hindustan Times)

Turns out that almost every person I come to respect has gone through such travails that I do not have the courage to face.


2 thoughts on “nawazuddin siddiqui

  1. Haha, I know right? Did you read Taran N. Khan’s profile of him in this month’s issue of The Caravan? It’s beautiful, really touching.

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