“books. coffee. comrades.” seriously?

Such a bourgeois expression of exclusive intellectualism! The contradictions and potential for humour is making my head spin! Can’t wait for college to reopen and the Lefties to come back justify this. Commodity fetishism goes out for a fucking toss. This, after Louis Vuitton acquired stake in Fabindia — it doesn’t get any better.



May Day Bookstore and Café, 2254/2A, Ground Floor, Shadi Khampur, New Ranjit Nagar, New Delhi 110008
We encourage you to take the metro, because parking is limited and hard to find.
Directions: Come to Shadipur Metro Station on the NOIDA-Dwarka line (12 mins from Rajiv Chowk). Ask for Satyam Cinema. With Satyam on your right, walk to end of the road (250 mts). At the T, take left, and follow this road till it ends (500 mts) with a park on the right and a cluster of cars parked in front. May Day is across the cluster of cars, right next to a DMS milk booth.
Cycle rickshaw: At the Shadipur station, ask to be taken to ‘Biyaasi number‘ (no. 82 — so called because that bus used to once terminate here), which will get you to the cluster of cars and the DMS booth. Fare: Rs 10. We encourage you to take the cycle rickshaw and boost the local economy of Shadi Khampur.
Tip: A good station to park your car at is Patel Chowk. Change lines at Rajiv Chowk.

Distributed by Independent Publishers’ Distribution Alternatives



7 thoughts on ““books. coffee. comrades.” seriously?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Leftism, among other ism, seems best as a mere tool for academic analysis. In real life, only Foucault seems to make real sense.

  2. Funny that you say that. Because Foucault is also a very powerful tool of analysis. He isn't devoid of his own -isms.

  3. It’s nauseating. The newspapers seem to be glorifying it too, of course. Intellectual fetishism is hardly new, but this appears to be oddly naive.

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