Just deleted Windows Vista & switched to Ubuntu 11.04.



Because open source is sexy.


21 thoughts on “ubuntu

  1. Because Steve Jobs died yesterday, I'll let that comment pass. But mark my words, one day you'll pay dearly for it.

  2. Shakti, I've heard 10.10 is the current favourite among ubuntu enthusiasts. I've used it and its sweet. But if you are upgrading, go for 11.04. Some early hitches, but works like a dream. Full boot in under 30 seconds.

  3. I've developed an affinity. I'm following the release date for the next one: 13th of this month, they say. And I'll upgrade. This is fun!No virus. No antivirus.

  4. dear friend I’m not the geek I used to be. 10.4 LTS is working fine for me. I’m not going to upgrade anytime soon.

  5. I love Ubuntu! I’m using their netbook version, though I’m not sure what number it is. I absolutely love the idea of open software, it stands for everything I believe and want to believe in. And plus – “No virus. No antivirus.” Cheers to that. 🙂 Welcome!

  6. Just go to the Terminal (usually Ctrl+Alt+T) and run this command:cat /etc/issue Keep the space after 'cat'. Enter, and you have the number of the release you are running!

  7. Okay, I found a cooler command to do that. New command to run:lsb_release -a Space before '-a'. All the info needed.

  8. .10 is not wonderful. In fact, I regret upgrading – I was happy with .04. At least it was faster and didn’t hang as easily as .10 does. I’m actually more crushed that I would have imagined – I realise I really like Ubuntu a lot. Hopefully things will get fixed soon. How has your experience been post-upgrading?

  9. Vini: It's the case with all new releases, there are bugs and issues. They get fixed quite soon. If they are fixed, just type the following in the Terminal: sudo apt-get update Or you can try: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade Hope that sorts it. I just got back to Bombay from Nagpur. Hadn't taken my laptop home so I'm yet to upgrade. Going by your experience, I think I'll wait a few more days before upgrading. Thanks!Shakti: Stop trying to steal ubuntu users! We are against conversion!

  10. I am an absolute beginner, Shakti. I don’t even know how to run a terminal. Everything I need I either get from the Software Centre, Ubuntu forums or by calling my Ubuntu-crack friend over. Yes, very pathetic. I earlier used to ask questions on Aardvark and even braved running a simple programme once. When it comes to anything tech, I’m one of those thick-headed dwarves that need to be told everything and also led by hand. I tried learning HTML once and gave up because it looked terribly confusing.What really saddens me is how slow and inefficient everything has become after ‘updating’. With .04 I used to seamlessly run at least 3 big programmes without a shiver. In my limited tech vocabulary, ‘big programmes’ mean – Software Centre with an active installation/Firefox with 4 tabs, including gmail chat & youtube/DC++. Now I can’t run two of them together without my computer wheezing. This really upsets me because now I cannot do anything simultaneously. I do things like this in real life – what’s the point in using a computer with the internet if it doesn’t allow me to be all over the place?Yeah, I think you should wait and watch, Ajinkya. Right now, I’m pining to go back to .04. The view from here is dreary, my friend.

  11. I'm amazed because what you said flies in the face of EVERY .10 review I've read. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Wait and watch it is.

  12. I'm amazed because what you said flies in the face of EVERY .10 review I've read. Anyway, thanks for the heads up. Wait and watch it is.

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