not a great day

Woke up this morning to this plight of phone. Pardon hazy pictures. Friend’s phone camera. Bad. Phone screen is screwed. Had anticipated this. But not such a violent death. Anyway, no fussing. It’s late. Rush to college. Always a rush.

Out the door. Forgot something. Bag. Dart back in. Bend to pick up bag. Mammoth nerve pinch, lower left back. Ouch. Possible culprit. Yesterday’s (attempt at) basketball. Bitch of a pain. Persists through the day. Still hurts.

Moving along. Day at college. Classes till 4. Suraj says, “B ball at 4.” Yes. Shooting hoops becomes half-court game. Elbow to face. Broken glasses. Run to Titan Eye. ‘Zero Error Computerized Testing.’ Good customer service. Prognosis: old frame, new lenses. Price Rs.1,600/-

“No, I don’t want the electro-magnetic radiation reduction thing.” New price Rs.680/- “When will I get it?” Day after tomorrow, Saturday. “When?” Evening.

Return home. Log onto flipkart. Order predecided phone. When will I get it? Delivery on Monday.

Not a great day.


5 thoughts on “not a great day

  1. Mathur: Damn! Losing is worse than screwing up. My condolences. May the next one outlive you.Anon: Can you?kase: I'm going to skip the redundant whoareyou and say, 'You're always right!'

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