mumbai real estate

This is an actual ad that came in the paper 3 days ago.


Nature has always fascinated and baffled the man by his subtle ways and creations. However the professionals who study the nature are fully fascinated by these aspects of nature and they try to incorporate something for the human being in these creations.


[REAL ESTATE PROJECT NAME] is located at KARJAT. It is just one of these tiny but very cute projects providing a Second Home avenue for those inclined to be with nature and enjoy its beauty for whole of their life with every weekend. Going away from the maddening crowd for them may not be true as they would still be working in the atmosphere. But one thing will be absolutely certain.


After spending the weekend in the company of nature, they will return to their work-nests with a renewed energy…


Small is beautiful… they say…


Here we have a tiny but cute project to satisfy YOU…


Come have a feel and relish…


Nature has been very kind to you…


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