Unfortunately, my first encounter with pancakes was late in life. Pancakes on the Rocks – The Rocks, Sydney, 2009. What I consider a greater misfortune is the fact that that first experience was so heavenly. The picture is my first plate of pancakes. And nothing ever since has quite matched up to it again.

The light, full-bodied, fluffy (but not bloating), un-soggy (yet not too chewy) pancake is an elusive creature, especially here in India. From trying pancakes that looked (and tasted) like rumali rotis in ‘German bakeries’ in Benares to getting excited about a place that finally served them in Nagpur, I have known many flavours of disappointment.

One could argue though, that I was looking in the wrong places. And so, now that I am finally going to Bombay and am likely to stay there for two years, the chances of a more delectable contender increase, or so they should. It is Bombay after all – home to Jai Hind Lunch Home and Leopold’s and Bade Miya!

Why Bombay? Next time.


4 thoughts on “pancakes

  1. I LOVE pancakes! if you are someone who doesnt mind fiddling around the kitchen once in a while you can get pancake mix (Betty Crocker is the brand I think and you should find it in places like big bazaar) and make them at home. Very light and yummy. Plus very very easy to make. And try adding strawberries or blueberries with a bit of whipped cream and honey. Damn! You got me hungry now

  2. I once had a lovely German girl stay with my family in Nagpur for three weekends and she made pancakes for us. She even made the mix herself and added thinly sliced apple shavings to it. They had a sweet, moist crunch to them! If I do get around to making anything beyond Maggi and the occasional omelette in the kitchen, Betty Crocker it will be! Thank you!

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