still life

Now that I use Gmail, I usually delete forwarded email/chain mails, blame my recklessly forwarding/chain-mailing Yahoo! and Rediffmail days (read: highschool). So when I first saw Alexa Meade’s artwork, I thought it was a hoax or some Photoshop wizardry. I did a background check just to be sure, and indeed her art lies at the intersection of portraiture, photography, installation and performance.

She has a website and has had art shows around the world. If you reflect on her art, you find that she captures more than just portraits or people. She captures magic, illusion, deceit, inanimateness, the whole notion of seeing is believing. What’s probably even more exciting is that she is very young (24) and her art is bound to grow with her. She has never received formal training in art, which probably explains why she can try things so novel. She isn’t bound by paradigms and schools. Not that I know much about art, but along with Yue Minjun (laughing figures often in sinister settings), Meade has become a new favourite!


2 thoughts on “still life

  1. You should tell me about these things, Ajya! You know I don’t like your ugly blue blog. This is exciting! You could have performance and installation in one sentence and then photography and painting in another. All of them in one is just exciting! You know I’m clapping hands like I do. You also know I’m going to stalk Meade now. Ok bye.

  2. Haha.. I don't tell you because things like these offer you some incentive to come to the ugly blue blog! I will keep writing and not telling.  

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