If you are prepaid mobile customer in India and can use the internet to recharge/top-up your phone, use It is a service that allows you to select coupons worth the amount of your recharge value and have them posted to your doorstep. Though it is technically not true, it is like getting a free recharge.

For example, if you recharge your Airtel number for say, Rs.222, you get to choose coupons (CCD, Barista, Dominoes, McD, etc.) worth Rs.250 (closest upper multiple of 50) and have them posted to your house or any Indian address. You pay 10 bucks for postage, so your total cost is Rs.232 for five coupons each worth Rs.50.

Registration is free and compulsory. You can pay for the recharge/top-up using net banking, credit/debit card. It supports multiple mobile operators, multiple online payment options and multiple banks.This is the freecharge facebook page.

The coupons vary and keep changing. CCD currently has a ‘buy 1 Cappuccino, get another free’ offer; McD: ‘Get McVeggie or Medium Fries or Large Coke free with any purchase of Rs.50’; Baskin Robins gives one regular scoop free for purchase of two scoops. My coupons lie around for months before eventually expiring, but even if I use one or two coupons, I save some money and get more than my recharge’s worth.

Try it, it’s simple.


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  1. Yup, you said it! There are problems with it on the level of the consumerism it encourages, but if you can figure out that you don't have to  go to the participating outlets to use the coupons, instead just have them with you and throw/give them away. If CCD becomes unavoidable one day, you'll save yourself the paradox of too much choice and 50 rupees.

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