I just swam my limbs off and came home. Now, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but it happened: after climbing out of the pool, legs shaking from the effort, I went to take a shower. There was no one else in there as I turned the knob. And there, standing alone under those jets of cold water, I started laughing. Laughing to myself, feeling that tingling sensation in my muscles, feeling alive and so happy!

I had slept at 4:30am, got up two hours later feeling groggy and dead, climbed into the car semi-consciously with Mum & Dad (he drops her to the college bus stop on his way to badminton) but the moment I hit the water… Ah, is there anything more rejuvenating, more powerful than a strong swim that leaves you hungry*, happy and half-dead!

And guess what, today’s just the first day – swimming gets better when your fingers and toes don’t cramp from weeks of inactivity!

* We’re all (cousins, Gullo und ich) helping Aai make chicken at her place for lunch today – I couldn’t design a better day!


4 thoughts on “ansa,

  1. Not like you would've had chicken or helped in preparing it… so chill. When you come in a few days, we'll all make paneer chilli.

  2. The annoying guys at the movies, who always laugh at the wrong moments. That’s how I kill things. I am them.

  3. They don't know that they are killing the movie for some of us. Since you do, you get points for self-realisation!

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