Wow, seems like today is the International Media Bloopers’ Day! After the New York Times ran two unintentionally funny, contrary headlines; the Times of India, never to be outdone, ran a glaring spelling error in that sanctum sanctorum of spaces – the headline!

I’ve pointed it out in a comment on the story, let’s see if it changes. If it does, this screenshot is for keeps! Till then, here’s to a “testeterone-filled” match tomorrow!


PS: It’s “testosterone”


8 thoughts on ““testesterone”

  1. ….I just read the article. How can anyone write like this? The first line of the piece is practically an invitation for comments like the ones that followed. I know what’s going to happen tonight. I’m going to get drunk and start crying about unresolved issues concerning India-Pakistan again. I apparently have tendencies to do this.

  2. I thought of the deliberate mistake angle, trying to play on the word 'test', but I doubt they are smart enough for that. And even they were, it would've been a waste because.. how many readers do you think would get that? At the time of writing the post, the article was only just up and there were only three comments. I went over and checked things now and wow! I'm not surprised though. Flame wars get you hits, increase time spent on the website and make your publication more attractive to advertisers. Alec Smart says, "Controversy is gold." I would love to talk to you drunk and crying about unresolved international politics issues! Shay, what the fuck are you doing all the way in another continent when I need you here?

  3. Shhh. The last time I did this, the boy I was crying to didn’t know what to do, so he held my hand and didn’t say a word. The next morning, he cautiously asks me if the situation is really that bad in Kashmir, and I go “uh. What did I say to you last night?” and he looks troubled, and says “Well. I didn’t know Kashmir was such a big problem for India and Pakistan. You were a wreck.”So, you get the idea. This is what I cry about. When I’m drunk. Why the fuck do you want me, again?

  4. Haha… precisely for this reason! Because you amuse me to no end.. haha! I deeply wish to take your name in this comment, but I'll refrain. Also, if it is any help knowing, I am good with managing tears and/or anger (mine & others'). Who knows, maybe we'll wail together about the cruelties of history — now that would be something!

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