wiping your ass with silk

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk is actually Cadbury Dairy Milk. Only costlier.

Silk got too much bhaav because of a strong ad campaign and lazy reporters copy-pasting entire press releases verbatim. Indian consumers feel “CDM Silk to be superior to other international chocolate brands available in the country.” Seriously?! I thought I was eating plain old Dairy Milk when first time I tasted Silk.

Apparently, even Cadbury agrees – the image is a scan of the paper wrapping that comes with the Silk product package:


I marvel at the bullshitting prowess of the copywriter – “silken texture and creaminess,” right! But what’s more offensive is calling it “finest chocolate” – almost every firang friend has told me how chocolates in India are just sweeter, nothing else.Please, please don’t use words like fine chocolate to describe (too much) sugar and milk with some chocolate thrown in as a side.

Also, whose mouths are dome-shaped?


3 thoughts on “wiping your ass with silk

  1. Yeah, I know, I wish they weren’t so sweet. Or at least, that degree of sweetness isn’t directly proportional to the quality of the chocolate. You can only benefit from less sugar.

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