wanted: jogging partner in nagpur

I’m back in Nagpur and my old jogging partner is, well.. too old to jog now. So, I seek someone new.

Age: No bar
Sex Gender: No bar
Coefficient of lameness (µ): No bar

Desire to be fit: Yes bar
Ability to jog at least one mile: Yes bar
Elitist disdain for Chetan Bhagat: Yes bar

My current fitness levels are dismal; I’ll wheeze like an asthmatic in Pollen-Land after 2 km. But there is hope and, with the right partner, we (partner and I) can be back to running 4-6 km within a few months.

Drop me a line in the comments section if you are interested. If you are the shy types, email me at ajinkya.ad@gmail.com or call/SMS at 99237-51699 and we’ll work out the details about timing, place of meeting, etc.

If you are (a) not into jogging, and/or (b) not in Nagpur please forward this link {adblog.posterous.com/wanted} to anyone who you think might be up for it, or would know someone else who is up for it.

Thank you very much.


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