Sex and violence was never really my cup of tea;
I was always more into sax and violins.

– Wim Wenders


8 thoughts on “pina

  1. Is this Pina Bausch? We studied her movement basiclly for Macbeth, because we wanted to model the witches on her brand of style. I suppose she’s powerful if you watch her live — her ideas are certainly very intriguing.

  2. Last part of comment spamming, I promise.I should have watched the trailer before commenting. YES OF COURSE THIS IS PINA BAUSCH.

  3. Haha… I will reply to the V-day post. Later today or tomorrow. I have to give a talk on the importance of physical media at my college today and you feature prominently in it. Tomorrow, I'll be listening to P. Sainath from The Hindu talk about whatever he wishes to talk about. All this a part of Article 19, our college fest. It's a shame I'll not be able to watch this movie. It won't screen in Nagpur and certainly not Manipal. It happens.

  4. Just realised, Macbeth witches modeled after her brand of style is fascinating. I'm stuck with the classic 'crooked-ugly' renditions of the witches. I wonder what the other characters would've been like. Surely not the staid unsure Macbeth or his Shakuni-styled wife?

  5. Send me the script (script? contents?) of your talk! Yes, I know, I got the usual A-19 reminder and had to sigh and put it away.No, Tyler’s witches (us) weren’t crooked or ugly. We were sexy, and powerful, and a couple of Beings with forces who wanted to have fun — because that was their (our) idea of fun. We weren’t protrayed as evil either, which was very interesting.Macbeth and Lady M turned out to be interesting too, because his uncertainty didn’t take away his power or majesty. And that wasn’t the focus of the play either — we shot quickly past that. For me, the way he delivers his last speech (Life’s but a Walking Shadow) is what determines the shape of his character — and that speech turned out exactly as I had hoped it would; in a manner that exposes his strength and vulnerability all at once, without making it look like he was coward who made the wrong decision at the start. No. Macbeth knows what he is doing. He sees things go horribly, horribly wrong. He pays for it, and knows that this is the only way it can end. Lady M, ahh, what can I say, she is human! She and Mackers share one of the most loving relationships in all of Shakespeare — and it is important to recognise that she did all that she did because she loved her husband and wanted the best for him. Yes, for herself too, and yes she came up with a (fairly risky) plan to make this happen but that doesn’t make her Iago! We tried to achieve a lot of things, and I have no idea how the play looked from the outside. But we had a lot of fun on the inside.

  6. I really wish I could see the play. The last speech has had an impact on me. It is one of my favourite pieces of literature. Alas, I haven't seen one good production of any Shakespeare play. I have this image in my mind that if you ever work in India on a production I will get free passes for it. That would be awesome! Anyway, I don't talk with a script. I wrote down a few pointers on a paper, but as I went along, I kept that aside too. It went well, surprisingly well. Anon, I want to talk to you, man.. Emails, letters, nothing will make up for what I actually need. A good few hours with you.

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