shun heels

If that doesn’t convince you, read this.


4 thoughts on “shun heels

  1. Plus, they hurt like hell. Maybe it’s just my ineptitude at wearing heels (or bad heels), but I don’t think you need to go this far to look good. To each his own, i suppose, if you can grapple with the medical evidence.Ahh, AD. I want nothing more than to be fed with garma-garam aloo paranthas right now, as I fight against this ridiculous essay. When it is done, I will post the 50 million postcards and letters that I have accumulated over the last 2 weeks. #rant

  2. I can tell, without having worn heels, that it hurts. The X-ray just drove home the point.As for the aloo parathas, 'Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh it is a tree of life.' I'm sure you're affluent enough to employ a cook there. #wishfulthinking

  3. have just one pair, cant wear them anyway; so the article makes me miss them a little less. i just dont like being so short…

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