hum do, hamare do

They are different as different can be. One is a computers and coding junkie who has a thing for Sanskrit philosophy and Hindi literature. The other is part-Bohemian hippie and part-UP ki kanya who is engaged in women’s studies at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences.

One spends his time working for NGOs in UP and Madhya Pradesh, handling their backroom operations. The other is into a study of upper-caste, middle class women in Bihar and UP.

He likes reading Kabir and Kafka (not necessarily with equal enthusiasm) and installing every open source software on his laptop. She likes Dave Matthews Band and shopping for junk at Colaba Causeway.

He is a staunch Hindu. I don’t really know her religious views.

ये दो और इनके दो  blogs.

Shakti’s blog, that he only recently started, is in Hindi, written in Devnagri script. It can be some effort to read for those of us who left our हिंदी पठन skills behind in this hypercharged English internet. Amis on the other hand is in the staple English. I don’t know if this is deliberate or coincidental, but his is white and hers is black.

He speaks of pseudonyms and Baba Ramdev, injecting the occasional religious flavour – all in good humour. TISS has begun to show on her writing. She speaks of empathy, the meaning point of research, deconstruction and identities. Surprisingly, of Baba Ramdev too.


16 thoughts on “hum do, hamare do

  1. You are making me smile uncontrollably A-Jinx-Yeah! Tee hee hee!:)I didn’t notice that we both mentioned Baba Ramdev in our own different frames.

  2. Ha! Mission Accomplished!And please keep writing. Tell that other bugger too. He has a special talent for starting things and leaving them mid-way because he is bored.

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  4. @stylogeek While I know you are some spam bot, I will keep your comment. Cheers to the first (& last) spam comment on this blog!

  5. Why you are calling me a bot.. I am not a bot.. If you think my comment is spam then please delete it.. I m sorry i put comment on your blog

  6. Well, I'm sorry then. You aren't a bot. You are a real person. When someone posts online shopping site links in your comments, you are bound to think it is spam. Cheers to you being an actual person!

  7. Damn, I screwed up — I meant to do “tereko”-“mereko” as opposed to “tujhe-mujhe” but I ended up respecting you more than is necessary, or healthy. Damn, I say.

  8. I am on a mission to get Shakti in ‘continuity’ mode. I am little successful in my own ways. Lets’ see how much success I can get. Like they say, behind every successful man, there is a woman! 😛

  9. I just messaged him asking him to make his blog at least a weekly thing. His excuse is the lack of internet. And I suggested a fine solution to that.PS: This spam conversation makes this post my most commented upon post by far. Good going!

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