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Pancakes in Nagpur – who would’ve thought! But yes, the chocolate room has a decent collection (7-8 variants, anyway). After hearing the usual rave reviews about any new place that opens (they said Cad-B was good!), I dropped in with a friend the day before, and I jumped in my seat when I saw they had a pancakes section!

I tried the vanilla and chocolate ones with fresh cream, a cherry, ice cream and chocolate syrup. Sure, they were doughy and heavy instead of cooked and light, and yes, they hardened up towards the end instead of remaining just moist and soft – but hey, pancakes in Nagpur! I’m going to try the whole menu in time. The true test of a pancake place is in the classic buttermilk pancake with maple syrup presentation.

They cost Rs.109 a plate, at least now. Wait till people start ordering more of it. Many will order because it is new, sounds foreign and hence is cool to have. That’s what happened with the CCD Espresso shot. Many poor guys gulping down insipid, strong, bad black coffee because it is manly and the pubescent girls go ‘Oooh!’ The guy fights back his facial contortions, shrugs and coolly says, “I always have black coffee. No sugar.”

Moral of the Story: Try the pancake menu before their first menu revision. Once you are through it, you’re over it.


4 thoughts on “new place

  1. I feel like Kim was with you through this pancake eating. She felt this way about every ‘international food item’ in Manipal. 😛 PS: I feel happy to see your blog Saathey!

  2. If she thought Manipal was bad, she would kill herself in Nagpur. I dare not try the crepes and panino there. I know I will some day.PS: It's good to have you on the blog, Mathur. And I just realised you are updating yours too. Keep at it, please.

  3. AD!! Chocolate Room didn’t have pancakes on their menu till I was there. Sad luck. But surely on the to-try list for the next time. I read your blog after soo long. And sure it makes me happiiee, for tons of reasons.

  4. I tried three of the eight varieties there. I'm over it now. They have crepes too, and I'm at a moral war with myself about whether I should allow myself to try them at the risk of destroying what crepes stand for… But that's just me. You have to taste the disappointment yourself.

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