peeing is believing

You got to pee see this! I wish to say something prophetic, like ‘the doom is imminent’; but this is only the beginning. The Japanese video games MNC Sega has installed video games in public men’s urinals in Tokyo that can be controlled by pee! They are called ‘Toylets’. This is from the report on Singularity Hub:

Toylets uses a pressure sensor located on the back of the urinal to measure the strength and location of your urine stream. A small LCD screen above the urinal allows you to play several simple video games including a simulator for erasing graffiti and a variation on a sumo wrestling match. At the end of a game, the screen displays advertisements. (…) Whether you find the concept hilarious, disturbing, or disgusting, urinal video games are simply another way that interactive media could invade every part of our lives. It also shows that no space is safe from digital ads.

Makes me think of what Shiny Ahuja said in Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi: ‘To pee under the open sky; if there is bliss, it is this!’ Other games you can play include The North Wind and Her where the ‘harder’ you pee, the stronger the North Wind blows up her skirt. Feminists, attack!



“Milk from Nose”: A variation on sumo wrestling, where you try to knock the other player out of the ring using the strength of your urine flow (shown as milk spraying from your nose). The record of your pee is saved and used as the opponent for the next player. So the game is sort of multiplayer. Toylets even lets you save information onto a USB drive!

Traditional Sumo-philes, attack! Read the whole thing over here.

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