It’s offensive to atheists that religious mythology is considered a part of ‘general knowledge’. I see this in India on shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati – questions about the name of Dasarata’s third wife or Krishna’s 85th gopika. On the other hand, I see stuff like BBC Entertainment’s The Weakest Link and not a single religious question on it.

Also, it is always detailed Hindu mythology that we are ‘supposed’ to know like it’s a part of GK (beyond the rudimentary ‘what was Buddha’s name before he left in search of enlightenment’ types). I wonder what will happen if a Hindu contestant on KBC gets a question like: In the context of Islam, which group of people may be classified as Ahle-Hadees?

Ah, the subtle forms of discrimination!

2 thoughts on “myth

  1. Arre ajinkya, don’t compare ‘the weakest link’ with kbc. All comparisons are a trap.Religious mythology is what we call it but what it really is, is a fantastic story told over and over again (‘Mahabharat’). Jinnah would have turned in his grave to see how almost the entire nation – if i go by what i’ve read – watched B. R. Chopra’s production devotedly and many without religious proclivities in mind. Everybody loves a good story. ‘Mahabharat’ has now ceased to be religious. It is now entertainment, and that is probably what Ved Vyas envisioned it to be in the first place.But why, someone may ask, the ‘Mahabharat’? Why not other mythological stories gleaned from other religions? To that, i bow my head and wonder. Is it a number game? Hindu majority versus Every Other minority? Boss, i don’t know. But it does itch me, like it does itch you, too.

  2. I can understand these stories being a part of popular culture (maybe not so much ours as that of the generation of my parents), but the same can be said of the Bible. A fictional story has permeated enough through some Western societies to disallow the teaching of the theory of evolution in some schools. And yet, Biblical knowledge isn't assumed to be 'general' knowledge. It's a shame.

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