india post

I love India Post! Yes, it is slow and the queues outside some offices are serpentine and people behind the counters work slow enough to make you feel time’s going backward. And yes, often rakhi parcels are ripped open to see if there’s any money in them. But I love it.

Because it’s so bloody cheap. Five bucks’ worth of stamps and you can go almost anywhere in India. Slap on Rs.10’s stamps and your letter will go anywhere except the North-East. If you want to shoot of a quick reply, the inland letters are Rs.2.5 only. I already have a stockpile for whenever I feel like writing to someone.

A few days back I posted my letter to Kaash who is at Exeter (which is near London). My options: Rs.38 for ‘normal’ post (Rs.38!) and Rs.88 for Registered Post. I chose Registered and they gave me a printed slip which had the details. It even said <<Have a nice day>>



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