bsnl: a bunch of apathetic fucks

I came home to Nagpur in May this year. A strange thing happened in July. BSNL stopped sending us telephone bills. This went on till October when suddenly, we were hit with a Rs.14,390 bill for all the months they failed to send us the bill.

Dad was shocked and refused to pay – not because the bill was too much (it was) but because it just seemed so much money. So, after not sending us a bill for over three months, when we delayed payment by less than three weeks, they cut our line. Our bad, I get it.

We paid the bill, with surcharge and late fees. The lady at the counter said the connection will be back in two days. That was a week ago. I went to the office again today to ask about why the phone’s still dead and she directed me to another office far off. So, the Khamla office (where you were sent by the NIB a week ago) tells you to go to the NIB office to get your connection restarted. NIB tells you to go to Central Telegraph Office and they tell you to go some mysterious place in Kasturchand Park.

Not being in the mood to go all that far, I tried getting the job done over phone. While chatting with a BSNL employee a week ago I had learnt that if I called my Zone Office, I could get things done.

So, I called the Pashchim Vibhag (West Zone) Office on 0712-2529955. No answer. Called again, no answer.

I called the Nodal Officer, one Shri. B.C. Borkar CRPO on 0712-2522733. No answer.

Nodal Officer of SSA, CAO (TR) – I don’t know what any of it means, just trying my luck – on 0712-2550800. No answer.

On the reverse of the bill, I read about ‘Samadhan’ (satisfaction) – a “special relief scheme for settlement of dispute in Broad Band users (sic) bills for the benifit (sic) of existing ex-consumers of Broadband service of BSNL”

It said that: ‘Disconnected Broadband connections under the scheme shall be reconnected on customer’s request after receipt of payment through different settlement options and clearance of outstanding bills against related landline connection.’

I had settled all outstanding payments.

For more details call: 0712-2551724. No answer.

I called all these numbers multiple times and not once did anyone pick up on the other end.
BSNL: Best hai mere liye. Ghanta.

The shitty part: Nagpur doesn’t have private players like Airtel and Vodafone offering landline based broadband connections everywhere. And BSNL being BSNL doesn’t really do much for Customers except making them run from one office to the other. They do have swanky boards saying ‘Customer Care Centre’ or something like that at every office. Really, they don’t give a fuck.

Not like this is an isolated case of broadband alone. You know what they say about BSNL Mobile, right: Bheetar Se Nahi Lagta. Bahar Se Nahi Lagta.

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