in situ: part 2

The in situ series of posts is excerpts from an online conversation I had with two friends who are readers of my private blog. These posts may best be read serially, and with some leisure time at hand. Links to the previous and following posts are at the end of each post.



I remember feeling like this – “solitary confinement of the mind” – four years ago, when I changed from Science to Arts in class 12. It was the only time in my life that I had enough recklessness in me to walk out of class. You don’t want to be alone, but it’s like your mind suddenly develops a sense of smell, of its own. You need to either get away or find a place where you can breathe again. It’s almost like a survival instinct. I can smell the other side of that too in your post.

This post hit me straight on my head because today, I met somebody for the first time and ended up having an incredible conversation. It had to be italicised. It’s so fucking rare!

I completely agree about your “technology not working” bit. It hurts me deeply that most of my most devastating, eye-opening, heart-pumping conversations with some amazing people have been on the phone. They make for such pale, indistinct memories too. The compromise we’re making is excruciating, and we’ll see it tangibly only years later.

I’m usually not a Pessimist (and thus this afternote) but I can’t help it; you’ve roused her with this post!

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