rand bashing

Yet for all the prim-lipped flag waving Rand devotees once again celebrating the fact their combined coffers have kept Atlas Shrugged on the American best-seller lists there’s a glaring fact it’s difficult for any sane lover of literature to ignore – Atlas Shrugged is not a very good novel. Let me rephrase that: it’s dreadful. It’s 1,200 pages of didactic, droning tedium interspersed with long and involved speeches made by people who get hard-ons for mining equipment and train tracks. It’s unbearably humourless, it’s dull, and it repeats itself in the manner of a rabies-infected dog frothily chasing its own faeces-encrusted tail.

Once you get on board the Rand-bashing bandwagon, articles like ‘Shrugging off Atlas Shrugged’ never fail to amuse you! Read the whole thing over at abc for some laughs.


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