phone conversation

He: I need to find more like-minded people here. People who can hold an interesting conversation.

She: Why don't you go to one of those book club things Mitu was talking about, you know, where the hot chicks are?

He: She was talking about book shops.

She: Oh.

He: And besides, I find it perverse and against my religion to go to a book shop to check out girls. I mean, there's more beauty on the shelves than there is on the racks.

6 thoughts on “phone conversation

  1. Even I don't distinctly remember when, but it was about how the cool chicks now hang out at the book shops. Either because all pretty chicks seem to really like books or (more likely) they want to be among the cool kids.

  2. Ah.. Pranjali! She is among that rare breed of girls who are pretty, intelligent and cool without having to try too hard.

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