spoilt for choice

Life was simple and easy three days ago. I had no choice but to live it – the simple and easy life. Then I read this. And my whole life was threatened to be thrown out of gear! What? Themes on Posterous! And I thought to myself, slowly, “I never thought of that… and now I have to.”

The Ninth Day of September in the Year Two Thousand and Ten of the Gregorian calendar was almost completely wasted in a close fought battle between the three themes: Clean Sheet, Paramaibo and MyBlog. Perplexed, jaded and weary I tricked the Posterous battlefield into showing all three themes as they would reflect my blog on the Firefox browser. After over two hours, I was too tired to think anymore and my silent empathy went to the brain warriors of chess and Scrabble and Mahjong because they all had to think so much for all the choices they have!

I solemnly took my laptop to my mother and showed her all the themes. And the one she liked best was the one I eliminated. The last (the)men standing were Clean Sheet and Paramaibo. A bundle of nerves that I was, I somehow finally made a choice between the understated white and soft yellow and the stark and clean blue – thus the gladiatorial battle was ended and Paramaibo stood tall and that is what you see on this Posterous blog today!

Choice – the many inconsequential ones we have today – they fry your brain while making you feel it’s worth your time. Ah, the Internet!


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